Impact Report 2021


We see the climate emergency and biodiversity crisis as one of the most critical problems facing our society. We are committed to actively reducing our impact on the environment and use our influence to drive positive social change to reduce the impact of the crisis.

We have done a lot of work over many years to directly reduce our carbon emissions as far as possible. By balancing our residual emissions, we achieved net zero in 2019. We have also significantly reduced our use of single-use plastics and we’re asking our major suppliers to explain how they are addressing the crisis. Our workplace pension now includes an option with a sustainable portfolio and our lawyers are working with the Chancery Lane Project to draft contract clauses that focus on our planet over the coming year.


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We face forward

We have taken a range of steps to reduce our environmental impact over the years. We want others to take the steps we are taking and to inspire us to do more, so that together we can make even more of a difference.

We’ve been carbon net zero since 2019

We now measure and balance our emissions from commuting to work and working from home to reduce our impact further.

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“As a law firm, the impact we ourselves can have, just by reducing our emissions, is quite small. Our main impact is as an influencer, because if we can show what we can do, other law and professional services firms can be encouraged to join us.”
Lawrie Simanowitz, Chair of the Climate Programme’s People and Practice group

trees have been planted to offset our printing since June 2019.


reduction overall in single-use plastic in our operations.

Addressing our supply chain

Our partnership with Reconome means that 99kg of IT equipment has been reused and

avoided 10,175 kg of CO2

being emitted.

By switching to Cheeky Panda, carbon emissions are 65% lower than virgin paper and 31% lower than comparable recycled paper products.

Swapping your pension can cut your carbon emissions by 21 times more than going veggie, giving up flying and switching energy provider, that’s why our people now have access to a sustainable workplace pension.

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Procurement favouring Sustainable suppliers:

Switching to reusable glass milk bottles saves


plastic bottles a month.

We don’t buy in any bottled water.

All paper recycled.

Catering: Vegetarian by default

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Zero waste
to landfil
In January 2021 we published our first climate report

It sets out our commitments to decrease our emissions, consider the crisis when developing our strategy, use our expertise to address the crisis, engage our people to live in climate friendly ways and collaborate to amplify our impact.

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