Impact Report 2021


Our values are pivotal to us, they shape our decisions and the way we live and work. We are people people. We want to have a positive impact on our people because they are our greatest asset. By supporting them, they can have a positive impact on others.

Over the last 12 months we have done a lot of work on equality and diversity. In this section we talk about the action we are taking to make sure that Bates Wells is as inclusive as possible and how we have navigated the pandemic while keeping a strong sense of our community. We also talk about our work with local schools and the Sutton Trust to help increase access to professional jobs for children from lower socio-economic backgrounds.


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We’re people people

We strive to create an inclusive workplace with a richness of diversity. We want all our people to feel safe, happy and confident that they can reach their full potential at Bates Wells.


Management Board:

43% Women
57% Men

Senior Management Team:





Retention rate


Attrition rate


People stay 10 years +

Female representation in the partnership is


Gender target (either way) for leadership roles:


Gender pay gap reduces by 0.65%

Our senior leaders are taking part in a reverse mentoring programme.
Our people have put together an allyship guide and we’re supporting our people to tackle racism.

Working together to address racism in our society and representation in our firm.

“To make an impact, we all have to work together from a place of understanding and a belief in change.”

Zara Bartels, Senior Business Improvement Manager
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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

We are committed to making a positive change for our people and society more widely through our active Diversity and Inclusion Forum.

We’ve signed up to: The Halo Code The Race at Work Charter The Law Society’s Diversity & Inclusion Charter Race Fairness Commitment
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Escape the city

One of Escape the City’s top 100 organisations to escape to in 2021. They described us as ‘a law firm that are doing things differently…’

Social Mobility

We partner with The Sutton Trust and Morpeth School to widen access to professional service firms and we’re looking at how our recruitment can support those from underrepresented groups.

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